Floodplain Management and FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping
Balance Hydrologics has participated in a large number of floodplain management projects addressing a range of issues from land development encroachments to large scale riparian restorations. Our diverse professional backgrounds in geomorphology, hydraulic/hydrologic modeling, and design level engineering allow for holistic and site specific approaches to a wide range of floodplain management issues. Balance's team of engineers also routinely provide floodplain mapping revisions through FEMA including CLOMR, LOMR, CLOMA, and LOMA applications.

Selected Project Summaries
Laguna Creek
Town of Moraga, CA
Refugio Creek
Floodplain Management
City of Hercules, CA
Location Map of Completed FEMA Map Revision Projects
Bay Area, CA
Carmel River
Floodplain Enhancement
County of Monterey, CA
Watson Hollow
City of Rio Vista, CA