Management and restoration of natural systems begins with a fundamental understanding of watershed-wide and local geomorphic factors which influence:
  • Sources of sediment to streams
  • Sediment transport rates
  • Channel Stability
  • Landscape response to episodic disturbances
  • Hydraulic geometry of channels
  • Peak flows
  • Low flows
Balance geologists and geomorphologists have direct experience in these areas resulting from hundreds of hours of direct collection of field data, geomorphic mapping, and quantitative evaluations throughout California, Oregon, and Alaska.

Presentations and Publications:
  • Measuring the response of Santa Cruz Mountains streams to the Summit Fire of 2008, (abs) and presentation (pdf) (ppt)

  • Stream response to hydromodification in a sandy watershed, Gobernadora Canyon, Orange Co, California. (pdf)

  • Estimation of passage flows for anadromous fish through critical riffles in Stevens and Coyote Creeks, Santa Clara Co, California, poster (pdf)

  • Sediment transport trends in watersheds west of San Francisco Bay, poster (pdf)

  • Characterizing the morphology and function of San Diego Vernal Pools, poster (pdf)

  • Variation in salmonid bed-habitat conditions with sediment yields in Lagunitas and San Geronimo Creeks (pdf)

  • Geometric scaling of step-pool channels (pdf)

  • Field-based geomorphic methods for assessing the impacts of hydromodification on stream channels, poster (pdf)

  • Sediment-rating curves as rigorous quantitative baselines for evaluation changes in habitat-imparing sediment. (pdf)

  • Urban effects on stream hydrology and geomorphology: variations, magnitudes, and implications for stream protection and restoration (pdf)

  • Selected Reports:
  • Substrate enhancement/sediment management study, Lagunitas Creek, Marin Co, sediment sources and control alternatives - Phase I (pdf)

  • Substrate enhancement/sediment management study Lagunitas Creek, Marin Co, 1979-1980 - Phase II (pdf)

  • Substrate enhancement/sediment management study, Lagunitas Creek, Marin Co, 1980-1981 - Phase IIIa (pdf)

  • Substrate enhancement/sediment management study, Lagunitas Creek, Marin Co, 1979-1982 - Phase IIIb (pdf)

  • Interim analysis of streambed monitoring data - Lagunitas Creek sediment and riparian mgt plan, Marin Co (pdf)

  • Geomorphic and sediment assessment of the Gazos Creek Watershed, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Co (pdf)

  • Geomorphology and hydrology of Lower Arana Gulch, Santa Cruz Co (pdf)

  • Hydrologic and geomorphic factors affecting management of the Lower Sisquoc River Alluvial Corridor, Santa Barbara, Co (pdf)

  • Selected Project Summaries
    Sisquoc River
    Channel Stability
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Merced River Yosemite National Park
    Channel Behavior and sediment control monitoring
    Merced, CA
    Big Sur Fires 2008
    Post-fire Preparedness and Response
    Big Sur, CA
    Gazos Creek Watershed
    Sediment Source Assessment
    San Mateo, Santa Cruz, CA
    Lagunitas Creek
    Bed-conditions and sediment transport monitoring
    Marin, CA
    Neary's Lagoon
    Beach and Lagoon Evaluations
    Santa Cruz, CA