Balance Hydrologics' groundwater practice emphasizes development of groundwater supply, watershed management, and wetland dynamics. The company has built on a solid base of professionals in hydrogeology, hydrology, geomorphology and engineering with particular expertise in:
  • Groundwater basin management and 'safe-yield' supply
  • Groundwater recharge management, including aquifer storage and recovery
  • Surface and groundwater hydrology, and their interaction
  • Managing groundwater near sensitive habitat areas
  • Aquifer simulation and monitoring
  • Hydrogeologic support for water-well drilling, testing, and water system design
  • Fracture flow and management of bedrock aquifers
  • Conjunctive use of surface and groundwaters
  • Protection of water quality, and its enhancement through recharge and watershed management
  • Effects of treated effluent storage and application
  • Migration of nitrates and other nutrients in shallow groundwater
  • Wetland protection and restoration: seasonal, riparian, and tidal/coastal systems
  • Development and management of brackish aquifers
  • Design of de-watering arrays
  • Technical support for preparing grant applications

Presentations and Publications:
  • Salinas River Study Phase III phreatophyte water use (pdf)

  • Spring-supported wetland and riparian habitat, a core for managing bedrock groundwater. (pdf)

  • Sources and pathways of groundwater flow to canyon streams as inferred from variation in dry-season baseflow, Carmel River watershed, California. (pdf) (ppt) (pdf abstract)

  • Occurrence and environmental fate of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) from treated wastewater percolation ponds, City of Ukiah, California. (pdf) (ppt)

  • Maintaining recharge to springs and seeps downgradient from an urbanizing area - An example from Bodega Bay, California. (ppt) (pdf abstract)

  • Sediment, solute and nutrient transport from Squaw Creek, Truckee River Basin, California. (pdf)

  • Sedimentology and recharge of a Sierran glacial-valley aquifer, Squaw Valley, California. (pdf)

  • Selected Reports:
  • Midcoast Groundwater Study Phase III, San Mateo County, California (pdf)

  • Associations between shallow groundwater levels, salinities and vegetation at two wetlands fringing Mono Lake, Mono County, California (pdf)

  • Interactions between surface and groundwater in potential riparian habitat zones of the Mono Basin, Mono County, California. (pdf)

  • Hydrologic and hydrogeologic factors affecting aquifer protection, McCarthy Area, Alaska. (pdf)

  • San Mateo County Mid-Coast aquifers - literature and data review. (pdf)

  • Drilling and testing of Montara Water and Sanitary District's Well 2004-4, APN 036-180-030 - well completion report, San Mateo County, California. (pdf)

  • Selected Project Summaries
    Montara Water and Sanitary District
    Groundwater supplementation and monitoring program
    San Mateo County, CA
    Hicks Mountain Ranch
    Groundwater supply
    Marin County, CA
    Liddell Spring Landslide
    Karst hydrology
    Santa Cruz County, CA
    Napa Waterfront
    Aquifer assessment and site dewatering array design
    Napa County, CA
    Dry Creek Rancheria
    Groundwater supply and wastewater discharge
    Sonoma County, CA
    Local Groundwater Assistance
    AB 303 grant expertise
    San Mateo County, CA
    Hicks Mountain Ranch
    Real-time web-based groundwater monitoring
    Marin County, CA
    Wrangell St. Elias National Park
    Permafrost aquifer protection program
    McCarthy, AK