Surface & Groundwater interaction

Knightsen Wetland Restoration and Flood Protection Project

The Knightsen Wetland Restoration and Flood Protection Project is a multi-objective effort on a 645-acre parcel to attenuate flooding in the community of Knightsen, restore a mosaic of wetland and upland habitats for special status species, provide water quality benefits, and provide recreation and Delta access. Acquired by the East Bay Regional Park District, the [...]

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Bear Creek Preserve Pond Management Plan

The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD) manages numerous water bodies (ponds and lakes) throughout the District – throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Water impounded in these lakes and ponds is fully adjudicated, however the volume of water in several water bodies is unknown. MROSD requested Balance Hydrologics (Balance) to install staff [...]

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Upper Truckee Marsh Restoration Design

Beginning in the 1800s and continuing through intense land development in the 1960s and early 1970s, the Upper Truckee River was channelized through Lake Tahoe’s largest delta and marsh complex, which resulted in most of the marsh being dewatered, eroded, or obliterated. In an effort to preserve functioning areas and restore the sediment and [...]

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San Felipe Creek Restoration

The Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency (Habitat Agency) represents multiple stakeholders in providing long-term protection of ecosystems and biodiversity within Santa Clara County. The Habitat Agency contracted with Habitat Restoration Sciences (HRS), Balance Hydrologics, Inc., and Dudek for this design-build project to develop conceptual plans, evaluate the feasibility of restoration opportunities, and implement the [...]

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