Josh specializes in surface water analysis and has a wide range of experience with hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, water supply assessments, stormwater management plans, processing water rights claims, and developing construction-level design plans for stream restoration and land development projects. Josh utilizes a handful of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling platforms for applications in FEMA floodplain mapping, bridge scour analysis, dam break inundation mapping and sediment transport. His experience in civil and hydraulic design range from projects focused on the construction of water diversion, storage, and distribution facilities for both municipal and agricultural applications.

  • B.S., Environmental Resources Engineering, Humboldt State University, May 2015
  • Pilarcitos Dam Inundation, Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, California

Anywhere along the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Mountain Range would be an awesome place to do fieldwork.

The Smith River Watershed.

I try to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible so when I go on vacation, it is usually spent in an unfamiliar and foreign country where English is not the first language. It always makes for an exciting adventure.