Lynell, a Senior Hydrologist, brings over 26 years of working in watershed protection, from Lake Tahoe to the Russian River, to the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her experience in the field of water resources, with explicit experience in water quality and stormwater quality protection and mitigation, comes from the private sector, world of non-profit and public works fields. Lynell shares a passion for translating technical information and making it real for her clients and the public. In her work with students and streams, Lynell decided to embrace this communication need with science and art and published a children’s book to share the magic of waters with our next generations.

Lynell enjoys field work, technical and creative writing, and the enthusiastic dynamism of a well-orchestrated team, playing to their strengths. Two of Lynell’s top strengths are strategy and connectedness, and she finds joy in solving multiple challenges creatively to meet many needs of clients and stakeholders in integrated water resources. Through her career, Lynell has seen mushroom coral spawn in Kaneohe Bay (Oahu, Hawaaii), snorkeled with the big fish below Daguerre Dam (Yuba River), taught Bioassessment of streams to high school students (Snake River, Russian River, San Pablo Bay), orchestrated loading studies on freshwaters with Safe Drinking Water Act implications (Kahle Creek, Lake Tahoe), participated in Water Quality Standards review and process (Truckee River), measured key pollutants feeding the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) coming from key tributaries (Truckee River system), contributed to Phase 1 stormwater permit compliance on all levels, led stormwater quality monitoring efforts throughout the Reno, Nevada region, and has taken a lead in securing Low Impact Development (LID) funding and managing novel LID projects in Reno.

Lynell’s background in Aquatic Toxicology and Ecological Health and Safety has given her a keen eye for excellence in technical and communication with clients, with a deep satisfaction in blending art and science with a larger vision to yield the highest value for each project. Lynell spends time running, riding or camping on rivers and lakes whenever possible, much of the time chasing mayflies or dragonflies, and always weaving stories of serendipity and hope.

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I love having flexibility in where and how I work. And I love using both sides of my brain to solve complex problems, such as those facing the environment today. Working with cool people, on fun projects that I enjoy is just the best.

I love an employee owned business, the entrepreneurial spirit of scientists owning their company. I love how familiar and friendly the people are, and how compelling the work is. Heaven knows, we have painted ourselves into a bit of a corner with our human habits and I love the work I do to better the greater good.

It’s here! I love our Sierra Nevada, the creeks and rivers, wetlands and lakes, are unmatched. And I’ve done field work in amazing places… these watersheds, are under such pressure, I feel compelled to do what I can to use my skills to answer critical questions.

There is a part of me that still exists on each water system I have ever touched. The Snake, the Russian, the Yuba, the San Francisco Bay, surely Kaneohe Bay, the Truckee. And like us, they change their character and it’s hard to go back. I like to stay present with where I am and grow with my home watershed.