Watershed Management
Watershed management is the process of guiding and organizing land and other resource use on a watershed to provide desired uses (such as residential development and agriculture) without adversely affecting water resources. Balance applies a field-based approach to characterizing watersheds in a manner that recognizes the site-specific nature of water distribution and movement in complex environments ranging from steeply sloping redwood forests to tidal mud flats to agriculture-dominated foothills. Balance's success in developing watershed management plans stems from our interdisciplinary staff of over 30 highly qualified professionals with backgrounds in geomorphology, hydrology, wetland science, geology, civil engineering, geochemistry, hydrogeology, sediment transport, and climatology.

Selected Reports:
  • Hydrologic assessment of the Gazos Creek watershed, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Co (pdf)

  • Catalog of active sediment sources and control opportunities, Apanolio Creek, Half Moon Bay, San Mateo Co (pdf)

  • Streamflow, sediment transport and water quality in Pismo Creek, Phase 1 watershed perspective (pdf)

  • Soquel Creek watershed assessment - geomorphology and baseflow hydrology (pdf)

  • Selected Project Summaries
    El Corte de Madera Creek
    Sediment Assessment
    San Mateo County, CA
    City of Berkeley Stream Setback Ordinance
    Evaluation of channel conditions, setback compliance, and viable buffer zones
    Alameda County, CA
    Pillar Point
    Streamflow, groundwater and harbor circulation analysis for water quality
    San Mateo, CA
    Sanborn County Park Trails Master Plan
    GIS suitability study for trails
    Santa Clara County, CA
    Gazos Creek Watershed
    Geomorphic and Sediment Assessment
    San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties, CA
    Callipe Preserve Municipal Golf Course
    Creek Relocation and Revegetation Management Plan, Stormwater Management Plan, Nuisance Flow Management Plan, and Water Quality Management Plan
    Alameda County, CA